1. AUTHORITY – Hillcrest Memorial Park, 1701 E. Richardson in Edinburg, Texas, is a Corporation authorized by the State of Texas to operate this cemetery under the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapters 711 and 712, a portion of which reads as follows: “A cemetery may adopt and enforce rules concerning the use, care, control, management, restriction, and protection of the cemetery operated by the cemetery organization.”

2. LEGAL – Subchapter 711.001 of the Texas Health and Safety Code provides for definitions; the terms used herein will have the same meaning and those defined in this article.

3. ABOUT US – Hillcrest Memorial Park means the corporation or Cemetery Association, which owns Hillcrest Memorial Park, Edinburg, Texas, or its Board of Directors and can be called the Cemetery Association, Hillcrest Memorial Park or Hillcrest. The grounds and buildings of Hillcrest Memorial Park, Edinburg, Texas, is the Burial Park.

4. OPERATIONS – Hillcrest or its designated persons will do all work under the direction of and to the satisfaction of the Corporation., such as improvements, alterations and all work, including opening and closing of graves and vaults, setting, installing monuments on individual spaces and lots. No plant, tree, shrub, grass or any other article or thing may be placed, removed from, altered, cut, pruned, planted, erected or installed on any space or lot in the Burial Park, except by or with the consent and approval of the Cemetery Association.

Before a specialty monument, memorial, urn or tablet shall be placed, erected or installed at the Burial Park, detailed plans drawn to scale, showing the memorial size, design, wording and shape must first be approved, in writing, by Hillcrest. This also applies to inscriptions on memorials already set in the Burial Park. A setting fee for all memorials set in the Burial Park will be due and payable prior to setting. Charges may be gotten from the Hillcrest Memorial Park Office and are subject to change by the Cemetery Association. Hillcrest shall have the right to remove, alter, repair or change such monuments, memorials, tablets, urns or any article or thing, at the expense of the owner and without liability to Hillcrest, should any object, monument, memorial, tablet or thing become unsightly or a safety hazard.

5. ENFORCEMENT – The authorized person in charge of the Burial Park, including the Manager, Supervisor and Office Manager, has the authority of a constable or sheriff within the Burial Park and may arrest or eject anyone refusing to comply with the rules, regulations and restrictions and/or failing to conduct themselves in a quiet and proper manner. The Perpetual Care Law of the State of Texas invests this authority.

6. HOURS – Between 7:00 AM and the posted closing time made according to the length of daylight hours, Hillcrest Memorial Park is CLOSED. Anyone found on Hillcrest Memorial Park grounds during that time will be considered trespassing and will be subject to reprimand by police authorities and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is for the safety of persons and property.

7. PERPETUAL CARE – Perpetual Care used in reference to lots shall mean keeping in order all places where interments have been made. Caring for grass, shrubs, and trees planted by the cemetery, buildings roads and equipment erected and used by the Cemetery Association are included.

8. PERPETUAL CARE EXCEPTIONS – It shall not mean maintaining, repairing or replacing grave monuments placed on lots or planting flowers or ornamental plants. Nor shall it include damage done from the elements, acts of God, thieves, malicious acts, strikers, vandals, unavoidable accidents, explosions, riots, insurrections, invasions or by order of any military or civil authority, whether damage be direct or collateral. There shall not be repair or reconstruction of any marble, granite, bronze or concrete work or buildings or structures or special grading of the Burial Park or lots.

9. REFUSAL – Hillcrest Memorial Park, a corporation, will refuse interment to any person other than the owner or owners of record of any space, except on written authorization of such owner or owners or legal heirs.

10. OPENING GRAVES – The Hillcrest office personnel must be notified as soon as possible when an opening of a grave is needed. AT LEAST 24 HOURS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO THE HILLCREST OFFICE. Hillcrest shall not be liable, if the grave is not ready and the funeral is delayed, if a 24 hour notice is not given.

11. INTERMENT SPACE LOCATION – Hillcrest Memorial Park reserves the right, with good reason and at its own discretion, to open a grave in a location, which seems best and proper, so as not to delay a funeral, if instructions from the lot owner regarding the location of an interment space to be opened cannot be conveniently and quickly obtained and opened where specified.

12. CORRECTION OF ERRORS – Hillcrest Memorial Park shall have the right to correct errors made by improper description, including an incorrect name or date on any memorial. There shall be no liability against the Cemetery Association for any remedy other than the correction of the error. Hillcrest shall have the right to correct any error made by it in making interments, disinterments, removals or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment space. Hillcrest may cancel such conveyance in lieu thereof or specify another interment space in a nearby location, as selected by the Cemetery Association or by refunding the amount of money paid by the purchaser. If errors involve the interment of the remains, Hillcrest reserves the right to remove and transfer so interred to another space, as may be substituted and conveyed in lieu thereof.

13. MATERIAL – No cement or composition material may be used in monuments. Only granite, marble or bronze is allowed.

14. LOT PAYMENT – No monument may be erected or set on an unpaid space or lot.

15. FLOWERS – Only two (2) floral arrangements may be place in marble, granite or bronze vases. Additionally, an arrangement may be placed on top of the monument in a metal or PVC pipe container. NO GLASS VASES ARE ALLOWED.

16. SIZE RESTRICTIONS – Width should not exceed fourteen (14) inches.Length should not exceed three and one half (3 1/2) feet for a single and seven (7) feet for a double. Height shall not exceed 48” (4 ft.), including both the die and the base. Check in the office for changes. Hillcrest maintains the right to refuse any merchandise not in compliance with our Rules and Regulations, so ask the office before ordering any specialty monument.

17. SALES AND TRANSFERS – Hillcrest will not recognize a sale or transfer of any right on interment or contract to purchase right(s) of interment from one person to another. This right is reserved by the Hillcrest Memorial Park. The corporation may consent to transfer of rights of interment at which time interest must be assigned by the owner back to Hillcrest Memorial Park and, by Hillcrest, reconveyed by proper instrument to the new owner. The cost of such transfer is $50.00 paid to Hillcrest Memorial Park for the expense of the transfer.

18. MATERIALS – No coping, fence, curbing, ditches or mounds are allowed on grave spaces or lots., and no grave or lot shall be raised or lowered below established grade.

19. DISCLAIMER – Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect lot owners’ interment within the Burial Park from loss or destruction, but Hillcrest disclaims all responsibility for loss, destruction or damage from causes beyond its control, such as the elements, acts of God, thieves, explosions, malicious pranks, unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrections riots, military order or civil authority, whether damage be direct r collateral.

20. MODIFICATIONS – Hillcrest Memorial Park Corporation has the right to reduce, enlarge or change boundaries of grading section or lot, as deemed necessary by the Cemetery Association, and to also modify or change the location of or any part thereof or to remove or regrade roads, drives, water lines and walks. Hillcrest reserves the right and is lawfully entitled to a right of engress and egress over lots for work, alteration or improvement.

21. EXCEPTIONS – Hillcrest reserves the right to make temporary exceptions or modification in any of these rules, regulations and restrictions when it is deemed advisable.

22. PREPARATION – Hillcrest Memorial Park, in preparation for a burial service, must often move other grave markers or monuments to be able to access the grave to be opened, especially if the grave to be opened is in the middle of the area. In order to gain access with the backhoe to dig the grave without damaging surrounding stones, those stones must be moved out of harm’s way. After the service is concluded, the same day or the following day, depending on the service schedule, the stones are moved back to their rightful places.

23. TREES – If you wish to plant a tree in F1, F2 or F3, please come to the office and fill out a formal request. HMP will tell you where you might plant it, should your request be granted. We now have sprinklers to be able to water the trees in that area, which is in need of trees. We might suggest a little plaque to be put on the tree in memory of your loved one, especially if the tree cannot be planted right beside your loved one’s grave. Remember, the trees are for everyone’s enjoyment, so we ask that you not hang things from the tree. Give our office a call for more information at 956-383-8715.

24. CHILDREN – Please watch your children, if they accompany you to the cemetery. Children should not be running, jumping, leaning or climbing on any monuments. Fatal accidents can occur, for which Hillcrest is not responsible.